lusha_chan (lusha_chan) wrote in okclolitas,

To New Members

Currently, we are having issues with spambots on the forum that are making multiple new users. If you are a new member who is planning on making an account on the forum, please send me a pm via Livejournal. You can go ahead and make an account on the forum, but send me a pm telling me the username that you are under so that I can approve you.

Also, I have been deleting accounts because of the spambots, but they are accounts that have no posts to them. If I have deleted your account, sorry! PM me about it but you'll have to make a new account.

  • Still here

    Just letting it be none that the group is still active on the facebook page :D

  • Is this group still active and have regular meet-ups?

    Please reply or message me. I'm interested but i don't see much active members on any of OKCLOLITA sites.

  • (no subject)

    emmie wants YOU to go to the forums and look at the meet up thread! We need to arrange a planning party for the izumicon fashion show!

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