hello nurse<3


Since it was brought up that if the weather ends up being too cold next saturday, I thought that instead of skating we could just eat out and watch a movie. :) Should we do it any earlier tho?

Reminder of the Rock-a-Thon!!

Just a quick little reminder to those not regular with the facebook group that the Rock Band party was pushed back till this coming Friday December 4th. Starts at 7 officially but you can show as early as 6:30. I need time to at least get home from work lol.

Also if you want to bring drinks or a snack feel free to I should have some kind of drinks avalible and chips and dip.

Anywho can't wait to get this party started! See you all Friday!
hello nurse<3


I was wondering if everyone would be able to do a meet up on Saturday, December 12th? I was thinking that we could all go to Downtown and iceskate! The rink is open from noon to 10pm and adult admission is $8.
More info here: http://www.downtownindecember.com/Default.aspx?tabid=171

Just wondering if this is a good date and what time would everyone want to go? I was thinking sometime around 8pm...?

Afterwards, we could eat at IHop XD

BTW, would anyone be interested in doing snow tubing, too?

Fashion Show!

Hey guys! If you are interested in participating in the izumicon fashion show next year, please join izumicon_lolita. Community membership will be moderated so if you aren't an active member of the community, but want to work on the fashion show with us please send me a message when you join! Also, please keep all posts friends locked! Thanks girls!


I just want to make another post to welcome any visitors! Please join our community and make an introductory post here and HERE!

During Izumi-con, some parents had asked if there was an age limit to going to any of our events. There is no age limit. We welcome anyone from any age to come and join us. Family and friends are always welcomed! Most of our events are pretty much public, for example, going to movies, museums, fairs, and parks. However, we ask for anyone under 18 to please get your parent's permission to go to any events and let them be aware of where you are going.